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Business Video Production


Pemberton Productions specialises in business video production. We help small and medium-sized businesses as well as multinational corporations deliver persuasive, credible messages tailored for specific target audiences.


Business video production requires more than just pointing a camera at a talking head and showing some overlay scenes –it involves carefully crafting a message, focusing on how the message is delivered as much as what the message is saying. It involves an acute sense of timing, of context, and the ability to capture and hold an audience’s attention, driving home a memorable call to action.

At Pemberton Productions, we offer just that.

According to Patrick Stafford at Smartcompany, “Small businesses should start investigating ways they can advertise through online videos, the Interactive Advertising Bureau argues, saying that many small businesses are missing out on a growing audience because they are too afraid to try new things.

The IAB’s new advertising report shows the online ad market is set to reach $3 billion by 2012, and much of that growth is being recorded in the online video sector.”

IAB chief executive Paul Fisher says there is an entire untapped market here waiting for SMEs to innovate. “I think all businesses need to consider this. Online business video production has a tremendous attraction for small to medium sized businesses, and not just for them but national advertisers too. In the United States it’s a $1.2 billion market every year, and it constitutes a bit of their market.”

“It’s lower here, representing about 1.4% of all advertising. So the growth trajectory is quite strong, and it’s happening. My forecast is that online video will reach around $200 million.”

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