Aerial showreel 2016

Pemberton Productions provides aerial photography and video services with the DJI Inspire 1.

HD Version

We also provide Aerial Surveys and data for agriculture, asset inspection & environmental monitoring and can work in remote & dangerous locations.

We are fully CASA Certified, Licensed and Insured.  Andrew Forsyth has 20 years RC experience, 8 in video production managing complex, mission critical projects and 50+ hours Quad Rotor piloting experience.

"Andrew was able to capture some very unique aerial photos of our farm. Using these photos I am able to immediately identify problem areas within my 200ha Macadamia orchard. The team is very professional and really listened to what I wanted and delivered a fantastic product."

-Chris Cook, Farm Manager, Arapala (Dymocks Group)

"Thankyou for your efforts in surveying our farm. The resulting data is very impressive. So far my viewing has enabled me to see the extent of damage done to our orchard in the 2012 storms. In the next pruning season I will be able to undertake more targeted pruning operations,dealing with issues in a more focused way.

Overall I feel that this has been a positive result for the financial outlay."

-Rob Colefax