Our Edge

Our Edge In Video Marketing


What makes us different?

We are marketing experts who understand how to engage an audience and how to integrate video content across the marketing mix. While we’ve learned a great deal from our friends and colleagues with traditional media, journalism and camera enthusiast backgrounds, as marketers we offer a very different approach that is resetting the bar for business communications. We can help you achieve your business goals in the age of more sophisticated, mobile, internet-connected audiences.


We are also storytellers and teachers, with a particular ability to assist our clients with writing content and bringing it to life. ¬†Whether it’s at an event, a sales presentation or on the sofa with an iPhone 7 Plus, we help you engage your audience and deliver your messages with clarity and conviction.


With an extensive body of work and a string of loyal blue-chip clients, we provide a wide range of production capabilities from entry level to high-end pieces that will drive business results.





Pemberton Productions are leaders in video marketing and video production. Specialising in DVD production, Business video production & marketing video production. For expert corporate video services and general video marketing services, contact us today.